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Welcome to Debt Settle Card

  1. Did you lose your job and have troubles paying your bills?
  2. Is paying your credit card bills becoming a nightmare?
  3. Is your interest rate a double digit number?
  4. Do you want to settle your debts and start over?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, you probably
are a good candidate for Credit Card Debt Settlement. There are two ways to settle the debt: Hiring a Debt Settlement Company or negotiating directly with the bank. Using a Debt Settlement Company can be very risky and expensive.

“If you ever negotiated with car salesman, you are more than ready to enter Debt Settlement negotiations with the bank. Actually, it's easier, since you don't have to do it face to face.”

Hi, my name is Nate and I wrote DIY Debt Settlement Manual based on my personal experience. I lost my job and after having a lot of health expenses, my total credit card balance swelled to $36,000.00, in just a few months (on a day when I lost my job, my total balance was $600.00). I had 3 credit cards (Bank of America and two cards from Chase). It took me some time to make a decision whether to hire a company or do it myself, but at the end, I figured I have nothing to lose, so I tried direct negotiations with the bank.

“Negotiating directly with the bank will save on average 15% of total debt (that's approximate fee that Debt Settlement Companies charge). Obviously, debt settlement cost is quite high when using company for negotiations. And on top of that, when negotiating directly, we have a total control of the whole process.”

At the beginning, I've had a lot of troubles finding information on the internet about negotiating directly with the bank. Actually, I was quite scared since I'm not exactly the best negotiator (my job was in engineering field, and that says a lot about my negotiating skills). But as the time was passing by, I was learning more and more. And 6 month later, I was able to settle all my credit cards with average settlement of 36% of total amount that I owed. Please, click on the left images to see my beginning credit card statement from Bank of America and the settlement letter that I received few months later, when I finished my negotiations.

  1. Bank of America Card: Owed $23,800, settled for $8,500.
  2. First Chase Card: Owed $7,900, settled for $2,000.
  3. Second Chase Card: Owed $4,500, settled for $1,100.

Debt Settlement Manual focuses on important points when negotiating directly with the bank and explains how debt settlement works. I didn't want to write only about general aspects of debt settlement process, but mostly about specific steps that I took when negotiated with the bank. That's why I think that this manual is invaluable tool for any person wanting to do it alone. I wish I had something like this when I started my negotiations. I also explain in the manual how Debt Settlement Companies work, and their way of settling debt. I learned a lot about them, and I share that in the manual. Also, I included in the manual all correspondence from the bank (initial settlement letters, final settlement letters, bank offers and of course, my credit card statements).



debt settlement manual

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